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All picks of the first round in the Übersicht

The first round of the League of Legends season is over, and it was an exciting time that surprised us with some interesting picks. This blog post will look at every choice’s highlights, strengths and weaknesses and determine which selections were most successful. We will also examine which preferences were considered surprising and give a view of the upcoming rounds. So be looking forward to everything that is still coming!

Analysis of the pick highlights

The first round of the League of Legends season showed us some exciting picks worth analyzing. We will examine every pick’s highlights, strengths and weaknesses and determine which choices were most successful. To do this, we will closely examine the pick highlights and discuss their strengths and weaknesses to evaluate their value for the team. We will also identify which groups have benefited from the picks, which need help understanding, and the reasons behind specific choices.

To get an overview of the top picks of the first round, we first have to look at all choices. There were various champions among the top picks: Yasuo, Leblanc, and Ahri appeared most frequently. All three winners offer great potential for aggressive playing styles with strong positioning mechanics. In addition, Kog’maw was one of the most-played Pusher/Burster in this round. He is known for his immense potential for damage and can do significant damage quickly.

But if you want to rely on something other than champion statistics, it is also worth looking at every individual pick – what is your more specific use? What strategic possibilities does it offer? And to what extent does the team benefit from him? An excellent example of this is Lulu: It is particularly well suited for aggressive playing behaviour and has many mechanics to support other champions in the fight – whether as support or as the initiator of the attack.

In addition to the strengths, there are always weaknesses in connection with the individual picks – especially in terms of team play; you always have to be careful here: What kind of synergies are within the group? Where are conflicts or preferences? To counteract this, you should ensure that every pick finds its best possible use – otherwise, everyone else will only use half as much!

With all this background knowledge, comparisons can finally be made: which pick was most effective? Which team benefited the most from his choice? And which pick ultimately had potential? Based on these questions, the conclusion can now be drawn – what are the most prominent surprise picks of the season so far, and where is there still potential for further development in the coming rounds?

Comparison of the pics based on positions

In this section, the picks of the first round of the League of Legends season are compared at the position level. We analyze the chances of success of each choice in his respective position and see which parts were most occupied by which teams. We also examine whether couples prefer certain situations and evaluate the potential of each pick based on its position.

It turned out that Top Lane was played the most by far, and almost all teams decided on a tank in this round. This indicates that tanks are still trendy and have a lot of potential for exciting play styles. The most common choice was “cooking”, with over 20% of the games. “Fiora” and “Renecton” were popular picks in the Top Lane.

Mid Lane was the second most common position in this round and showed a variety of champions: “Corki” was the most common pick with over 30%, followed by “Kassadin”, “Ahri”, and “Zed”. There were also some interesting differences in the Team selection between Western Europe and North America: In Western Europe, the teams preferred Mage-Champions such as Ahri or Kassadin, while North America preferred more fighter champions-which makes it clear that there is no generally accepted best practice.

Overall, the younger position had little diversity within the metagame: the most significant proportion was taken by Lee Sin (25%), followed by Gragas (15%), Nidaleee (10%) and Elise (5%). This makes it clear that there is still a limited selection of effective champions in the Jungler Meta game – but there is still enough variation to develop interesting game strategies.

Finally, we analyze the bottom Lane: ADC is still the favourite with 60% of all games; Kog’maw was by far the most-played champion (35%). Support champions were somewhat behind the ADC with 40%: Janna was again the most popular pick (20%), followed by Alistar (15%) and Leona (10%). At the same time, however, this also means there is space for new development – particularly new supports that could soon disappear from the radar or rediscover!

The most controversial picks

This section will look at the picks that caused most of the controversy in the first round of the League of Legends season. To do this, we examine the choices and compare expert and fan reviews and the associated risks. We also discuss possible positive and negative effects that these picks can have on the performance level of a team. Finally, we conclude why some choices are more controversial than others.

The first pick to be analyzed is “Rengar” of “OG”. It is hazardous but also a worthwhile champion because it is tough to play and can quickly strike back into the wrong hands. However, his potential is immense: he has enormous damage potential and can make a decisive difference at the right moment. Experts rated him as one of the best possible picks for the OG but simultaneously as one of the most risky picks in the first round.

Another controversial pick was “Gnar” by “Splyce” in the Top Lane area. Gnar is a very flexible champion with a lot of potential for aggressive playing styles – but its ability to not be strong enough at the beginning of the game was a challenge for many. Nevertheless, To have – Gnar has experienced an impressive upswing in the past few weeks!

These are just examples of controversial picks in the first round – there are many more champions with a similarly polarizing assessment! Regardless of whether you were happy or unhappy with the choice – every pick poses the potential for surprise results and new development opportunities for teams during the tournament!

Investigation of the greatest surprises

In this section, the biggest surprises of the first round of the League of Legends season are examined in more detail. It has been observed that some picks did not meet expectations and have changed their development over the past few weeks. In addition, a look at the player market and its trends is taken to understand why these surprise picks were created.

One of the surprise picks was Yasuo, played by Fnatic in Mid Lane. This pick was heavily criticized because it is considered very weak, and it seemed Fnatic needed to read the meta. However, it has been shown that this pick can work in some situations, so Fnatic tried to use it. Although there is no guarantee that Yasuo is or will remain a strong pick, they showed the courage to attack Fnatic and try out new strategies.

Another surprise pick is Akali from Mad Lions. Akali is usually a more vigorous champion than Yasuo. Still, in most cases, she has problems keeping her position in the team, and accordingly, Mad Lions could only do a little with it. However, the team tried everything it could for Akalis: correctly positioned them in the lanes and team fights. They brought their items for more damage or tackiness – everything to strengthen Akali. Unfortunately, it was insufficient, and Mad Lions had to cancel this experiment.

To understand what was behind such picks, you must dig even more profound: Which trends are currently in the player market? Which champions seem to be stronger than others? What potential has new picks? So there is an excellent opportunity for organizations to take such risks to try out new strategies or to show something new – but you have to be careful with the thirst for knowledge. There is still a lot of space for further development in the drafting team – so you should have open eyes for new ideas!

Outlook for the upcoming rounds

After the first round of the League of Legends season is completed, we look at what is coming in future games. Experts have presented predictions for new picks and discussed possible developments by players and strategies. There are several trends in the choices for the next round, both in the game and on paper. This can be attributed to changes in Champions – new skins, buffs or nerfs. Teams are also ready to do experiments and bring surprise picks!

It is not only worth taking a close look at the picks; You should also look at upcoming matches and events. The season promises many exciting battles for 1st place – so it remains exciting! But one should remember to consider teams: Which team mostly has potential? Which player has what it takes to make the MVP? All of these questions are still waiting for answers – but one thing is sure: an interesting season awaits us!

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