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Due to its unique content and capacity to reach viewers worldwide, the Oumniya Channel is a well-known online video platform that has recently grown in popularity. Sadly, YouTube recently removed one of their videos, /LM2FRBYKITY. This article explores why the video was restricted, how it affected viewership, how viewers reacted, and how to avoid future occurrences of the same problems. Additionally, it offers alternatives to watching the movie and responds to frequently asked queries about the circumstance. Join us as we explore this topic more detail and learn what transpired with Oumniya’s LM2FRBYKITY video.


Since being established in 2009 by brothers Mohamed and Moussa Mouti, Oumniya Channel has gained popularity as a website for watching videos—one of the most popular online video platforms available, thanks to its over 20 million video views.

However, Oumniya published a new video in December 2020 with the title /LM2FRBYKITY, which YouTube swiftly deleted for unspecified reasons. This unexpected event sent shockwaves through the neighborhood as spectators could not view the anticipated film.

Many questions have been raised regarding YouTube’s decision to remove this video. How did it impact the viewership? How did the audience respond? What steps may be taken to ensure the same problems don’t arise again?

In this essay, we’ll examine the controversy surrounding Oumniya’s LM2FRBYKITY video and attempt to answer all these queries. The blocking’s causes, effects on viewership, reactions from viewers, and alternatives to watching the video will all be examined. We’ll also offer FAQs to help viewers understand what happened and how they might avoid similar circumstances in their videos or channels.

Background: Exploring the Oumniya Channel and its Content


An online video platform called The Oumniya Channel was established in 2018 and surpassed 1 million members. It includes content from many categories, such as humor, music, travel, lifestyle, etc. The “Oumniya Original Series” and the “Oumniya Stories” series are examples of the channel’s original work. These narratives are intended to engage readers while both informing and entertaining them.

The Oumniya Channel interacts with its audience on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in addition to producing unique content. Through these channels, they publish fresh videos for their fans to watch and invite users to leave comments or forward the content to others. The producers’ level of involvement contributes to the platform’s increased popularity.

The Oumniya Channel’s innovative use of images and sound to tell stories is one of the reasons it has been so successful. Each episode’s top-notch animation keeps viewers interested in the narrative while keeping the tone light enough for viewers of all ages. Additionally, each episode has a distinctive soundtrack that perfectly complements each scene, adding ambiance to the various stories that are being presented.

It is evident how much of an impact this channel has had on its audience because each episode or series created by the Oumniya Channel designers continually keeps viewers engaged while teaching them something new. Through shared experiences, it pulls people together while educating them in ways beyond straightforward enjoyment. This channel has grown tremendously famous among viewers everywhere, with over 1 million subscribers worldwide!

What Was /Lm2frbykity?


The Oumniya Channel produced the brief promotional video /LM2FRBYKITY to promote their flagship series, “The Adventures of Oumniya.” It had a combination of gorgeous images, entertaining animations, and a catchy soundtrack that rapidly became popular with viewers. The film’s primary goal was to introduce the main series and generate interest in its next episodes.

However, less than a week after publishing it, YouTube removed the film over purported copyright violations. Many viewers were shocked by this, not just because it was one of Oumniya Channel’s most-watched videos ever but also because YouTube had not previously issued any copyright-related alerts or cautions.

The channel and main series’ popularity suffered immediately after this video was blocked. The inability to access /LM2FRBYKITY and other associated content from the drain, such as behind-the-scenes footage and sneak previews, frustrated many new viewers eager to watch the upcoming episode.

Many viewers voiced dissatisfaction about removing this well-liked video and questioned why it wasn’t blocked with more notice or notification. They stated that they would have been more satisfied and satisfied if sufficient safeguards had been made before when YouTube abruptly stopped it. Others argued that rather than outright shutting Oumniya Channel and thus affecting viewing, YouTube ought to have given Oumniya Channel some time to resolve potential copyright violations.

Reasons for Blocking the LM2FRBYKITY Video

The commercial video /LM2FRBYKITY from Oumniya Channel instantly became popular with viewers after its publication on YouTube. But soon after, YouTube blocked the video because of alleged copyright violations. Examining some factors contributing to YouTube’s decision to comprehend why the video was restricted is critical.

Explicit language and violent imagery that violated YouTube’s terms of service may have been one of the critical factors that led to YouTube blocking the LM2FRBYKITY video. The LM2FRBYKITY video covered various subjects, including violence and explicit sexual content. According to YouTube’s terms and regulations, this kind of video is not permitted, which may have contributed to its removal. Additionally, the sexual nature of the film may have caused automatic tools like Content ID to label it as inappropriate.

The LM2FRBYKITY video may have been blocked due to copyrighted content that YouTube was not authorized to use. When incorporating copyrighted content in their videos, producers must abide by specific rules unless they are the content’s owners or have permission to use it. If Oumniya Channel had utilized copyrighted audio or visual content without authorization or had violated other legal rights, YouTube might have blocked its video.

Last but not least, it’s possible that other users flagged the LM2FRBYKITY video as objectionable for a variety of reasons, causing YouTube to take it down soon after it was posted. YouTube takes user complaints very seriously and may take swift action against videos that are found to violate any guidelines they have established.

The censoring of the LM2FRBYKITY video on the Oumniya Channel immediately affected both the channel’s and its major series’ audience, leading to annoyance among viewers who were puzzled as to why their favorite program had mysteriously vanished from view. Content creators must ensure that their videos abide by all guidelines established by websites like YouTube and any applicable laws regarding intellectual property rights and copyrights to avoid having their videos removed without notice or warning in the future.

Impact of the Blocking on Oumniya’s Viewership

The YouTube ban on Oumniya Channel’s video /LM2FRBYKITY significantly impacted the channel’s viewership. The station and its flagship series saw a substantial decline in viewership due to the sudden loss of access, which induced a sense of unease among viewers. Other channels started using Oumniya as an example of why their content had been restricted or regulated as time went on.

The blocking also impacted users’ use of the Oumniya Channel. Because they were concerned that unforeseen problems like these would recur, viewers needed more confidence to watch and participate in the channel’s videos. Interaction decreased because viewers were reluctant to watch new videos or comment on them for fear of being similarly restricted or edited.

YouTube’s lack of transparency around its decision-making process exacerbated the blockage’s effects. There needed to be a candid discussion between YouTube and viewers on what caused the blocking or how such an occurrence could be avoided going ahead, despite some hints being extrapolated from statements made by YouTube representatives. This increased viewers’ confusion and annoyance since they felt they were being kept in the dark about crucial choices that affected how they saw the show.

To sum up, Oumniya Channel’s experience demonstrated how rapidly issues may occur regarding online video platforms and how crucial it is for content creators to remain aware of potential hazards connected with sharing their work online. Understanding copyright law, screening content before upload, and staying current on platform policy changes are all preventative measures that can help reduce problems before they arise, resulting in better experiences for artists and viewers.

How Did Viewers React?

Viewers’ reactions to YouTube’s decision to remove the video /LM2FRBYKITY from the Oumniya Channel ranged widely. Many people were horrified by the idea of censoring because they thought YouTube was restricting free expression and creativity. Others believed the blocking was a fair punishment for the inappropriate material in the video. Additionally, users talked about potential legal problems, including copyright infringement or breaking YouTube’s terms of service.

In response to inquiries about how to circumvent the restriction and watch the prohibited film illegally, Oumniya Channel emphasized to viewers that doing so would be against the law and could result in criminal consequences for anyone caught doing so. Alternatively, they advised watching previous seasons of their main series or other videos on their channel.

Viewers expressed confusion and frustration in response to YouTube’s decision to remove Oumniya Channel’s content without providing adequate prior notice. This caused many followers to feel they had been denied access to something quickly gaining popularity without getting enough messages or justification from YouTube.

Future-Proofing Videos to Avoid Block

Success in the world of online video platforms depends on avoiding video blocking. It’s crucial to have a strategy to safeguard content against potential problems with copyright laws, linguistic limitations, and other local regulations. Here are some pointers for keeping your movies prominent and reachable:

Please list possible subjects and sources in advance: It’s crucial to check local laws and ensure you understand the repercussions of utilizing particular words or images before creating any material. Making sure your films adhere to local laws can be made more accessible by maintaining a list of allowed content. Additionally, refrain from utilizing excessively divisive or inflammatory content, which may draw negative attention or blockage.

Be aware of language usage and location restrictions: Before publishing any film, it’s critical to consider who will have access to it based on their location. Using the site’s country-specific settings, you can choose which countries can access your material on YouTube. Furthermore, if you create multilingual movies, be careful with the vocabulary used in each version, as some terms could be taboo in some places.

Keep current with rules and policies: Since new laws are constantly being passed, it is crucial for creators to stay up to date on developments in their field and to act appropriately when necessary. Pay close attention to when new platforms are released or existing ones add features that may impact how accessible your content is, such as recently introduced restrictions around copyrighted music, so you can make the necessary adjustments before publishing any new content.

By taking these precautions, you can reduce the possibility that videos will be removed from YouTube or other online video hosting services due to allegations of copyright infringement or other contraventions of local laws and regulations. It’s also crucial for viewers to be aware of the risks involved with watching particular types of content online so they can take the appropriate precautions if their preferred channels become unavailable, like looking for alternative sources or older episodes on different platforms like Vimeo or Dailymotion instead!

Alternatives to Watching the LM2FRBYKITY Video

The viewers’ frustration and disappointment when YouTube deleted the video /LM2FRBYKITY from the Oumniya Channel were understandable. Fortunately, there are other ways to get the banned movie.

Searching for comparable videos with different titles is one method. Even though the content can alter slightly from the original film, viewers will still have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy everything Oumniya Channel offers. These substitute videos are frequently located on other streaming services or in relevant YouTube channels.

Another choice is to sign up for mailing lists or social media pages where Oumniya Channel posts new movies as soon as they are available. This allows users to keep up with their most recent products and can be a terrific way to get around limitations set by YouTube or other platforms.

The same content in the prohibited video may also be current in linked videos on the same channel, so viewers should have a look. Finally, users can contact Oumniya Channel directly via email or social media to inquire why their movie was prohibited and whether any other options exist.

By using these substitutes, viewers may keep taking advantage of everything that Oumniya Channel offers without being concerned that their preferred videos will be restricted due to copyright infringement or platform regulations.


What is the Oumniya Channel?

The Oumniya Channel is an online video platform and community created by two Saudi Arabian sisters, Aya and Leena Al-Hassan. It is best known for its comedic sketches, which have attracted millions of views on YouTube. The channel also offers educational content such as cooking tutorials, celebrity interviews, and inspirational stories worldwide.

Why was the LM2FRBYKITY video blocked?

YouTube blocked the LM2FRBYKITY video after viewers reported it for violating their terms of service. This could include explicit language or graphic imagery that violates YouTube’s guidelines, copyrighted material used without permission, or user complaints about the content featured in the video.

Did Oumniya Channel delete it?

No – while YouTube blocked access to the LM2FRBYKITY video, it was not deleted from Oumniya Channel’s account. However, viewers may have difficulty accessing it due to geographical restrictions or other reasons.

What alternatives do viewers have for watching the video? 

Viewers can continue enjoying all that Oumniya Channel has to offer without having to worry about their favorite videos being blocked by looking for similar videos with different titles, subscribing to mailing lists or social media accounts, checking out related videos on the same channel, and getting in touch directly with Oumniya Channel. Fans can also watch older episodes of their main series as an alternative way of viewing Oumniya Channel content.


In conclusion, fans worldwide were shocked by the blocking of the Oumniya Channel’s video /LM2FRBYKITY. It emphasized the value of knowing copyright law, screening content before uploading and staying current with platform policy changes for content creators to minimize any concerns before they arise. Additionally, viewers should be aware of any risks related to viewing particular types of content online and take appropriate action if their preferred channels become unavailable.

Fortunately, viewers who want to access the banned video have alternatives. These include looking for related videos on the same channel with different titles, joining mailing lists or social media accounts, checking out associated videos, and contacting Oumniya Channel directly. Using these substitutes, viewers may keep taking advantage of everything the Oumniya Channel offers without worrying that their preferred films would be restricted.

Ultimately, it is critical to support organizations like Oumniya that bring us joy and enjoyment through their tireless efforts and commitment. Our lives would be far less exciting and thrilling without them. We help them produce more excellent material for us all in return when we support them by watching their videos or making monetary contributions!

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