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The Best Technology Devices to Make the Most of Grad School

Grad school isn’t just about hitting the books. It can also involve numerous projects, research papers, and presentations. You’ll need the right technology devices to help you stay organized and on top of your studies. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, having the right gear is essential for success in grad school. Let’s look at some of the best technology devices for grad students.


Grad School

For most graduate students, a laptop is an absolute must-have. Laptops offer immense power and portability, making them ideal for taking notes in class, researching online, writing papers, editing photos & videos, creating presentations, and much more.

When selecting a laptop for grad school, get enough memory (8GB+ RAM) and storage (256GB+ SSD) to handle any task. It would help if you also considered getting one with at least an Intel Core i5 processor or higher so you don’t have to worry about slow performance while multitasking or running intensive programs like MATLAB or SPSS.


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A tablet can be invaluable if you’re looking for something more lightweight than a laptop but still powerful enough to tackle most tasks. Tablets come in sizes ranging from 7 to 12 inches, giving you plenty of options when deciding what size works best for you.

They are great for reading ebooks and PDF documents and taking notes during lectures or seminars without having to lug around a bulky laptop bag all day. Plus, they usually have long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charging your device multiple times daily on campus or running errands.


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Having a smartphone can be extremely helpful when it comes to staying connected with your professors and classmates during those late-night study sessions or group projects that require constant communication between everyone involved. Smartphones are also great for quickly checking emails from advisors or reading news stories related to your field of study while on the go, so you always stay informed about current events in your area of expertise.

They can even be used as mini computers if needed since many smartphones these days come equipped with powerful processors that can handle gaming apps as well as productivity apps such as Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite, which includes Photoshop & Premiere Pro among others depending on which version you get.

From laptops and tablets to smartphones, having the right technology devices is essential to succeeding in grad school. Not only do they help keep you organized by providing access to critical documents and files wherever you go, but they also allow you to communicate effectively with your professors & peers while on campus or off campus respectively, which is crucial.

when considering how collaborative most graduate studies are nowadays compared to undergraduate ones where everything was done solo with minimal interaction required between individuals outside of class lectures/seminars etc. Investing in quality tech devices now will ultimately save time (and money!) down the road! Additionally, check Achievable’s website if you’re preparing for grad school and studying for the GRE. Achievable offers comprehensive GRE test prep to prepare you for the GRE. Good luck on the road ahead!

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