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Making the Investment: Tips for Buying a 4-Carat Diamond as a Long-Term Asse

The English-American songwriter Jule Styne was not wrong when he stated that diamonds are every girl’s best friend. Not only are diamonds gorgeous and classy, but they are also excellent as a long-term investment asset. So, if you wonder if your loved one will love a 4ct diamond engagement ring, the answer is a big Yes. When you consider and search 4ct at Rare Carat, you will see that all your worries about diamond purchasing are melting away.

From getting proof that the diamond was sourced ethically to getting the best price/deal to finding the right Color or Clarity, there are many factors one must consider when buying a 4-carat diamond. However, investing or purchasing ethical and brilliant diamonds (both natural and lab-grown diamonds) from Rare Carat is a simple process.

Tips for buying a 4-Carat diamond as a long-term investment asset.

Making the Investment: Tips for Buying a 4-Carat Diamond as a Long-Term Asset

Without any further ado, here are some must-know tips when making this kind of investment:

  • How is it sourced?

Conscious buyers know about blood diamonds. Thus, consider sites like Rare Carat when buying diamonds, where only sellers with conflict-free policies are listed. They have a review rating of 4.9 out of 5 in both Google Business Profile and Trustpilot because of their lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are bound to be conflict-free/ethical and eco-friendly as they are curated in high-tech laboratories using specialized equipment and either the HPHT or CVD process.

They are the same as natural diamonds from the mines optically, physically, and chemically. One of the best things about lab-grown diamonds is that they are cheaper (1/3 to 1/4 of the cost) than natural diamonds in the exact 4 Cs specifications because of their creation process. So, a 1-Carat round natural diamond in G color and VS1 clarity costs around $5000, while 1-Carat lab-grown diamonds with the exact specifications are priced at around $1000 when a Rare Carat is considered. So, check out lab-grown diamonds to get the best out of your diamond engagement ring shopping.

  • How to choose the ideal 4-Carat diamond?


Making the Investment: Tips for Buying a 4-Carat Diamond as a Long-Term Asset

When buying diamonds, the 4 Cs comes to play. The famous 4 Cs are Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat. In layperson’s terms, these can be considered rankings. Let’s consider Carat; you know that a 1-Carat diamond is of lower quality, price, and size than a 4-Carat diamond. Similarly, the scale for Color ranges from D to K (whitest to a faint yellowish). IF is the highest rank when it comes to Clarity. However, such diamonds are pretty expensive. So, when buying a 4crt diamond from Rare Carat, choose or select VS2 Clarity as they are considered “eye-clean.”

Rare Carat knows diamonds are an essential long-term investment asset; hence, the brand’s unbiased AI and GIA-certified Gemologists’ advice is designed to help you find the best deal. Their 4 Cs and Shape selection buttons are easy to use. You will be informed about the ideal choice in each field, allowing you to make the best decision. When visiting their site, check out the Rare Carat Ideal Cut in the “Cut” field to create a more informed decision.

 Get to know

Rare Carat is the number one place to get unbiased advice to make your diamond buying process easy, quick, and profitable. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you buy a 4-Carat diamond from Rare Carat are the following:

  • Lifetime warranty on your ring and 100% money-back guarantee
  • Proper laser inspection of your diamond to assure authenticity before the order is shipped
  • Free insured shipping
  • 90-day ring resizing
  • 30-Day Returns

4-Carat diamond deals from

Check out the Rare Carat Deal Vault icon or button on the easy-to-navigate site to get a list featuring diamonds of your choice costing lower than the current market price. You can even allow the site to provide you notifications whenever the price of your chosen diamonds goes down. Rare Carat has gone the extra mile always to ensure you find the best deal.

Bottom Line

Ethically sourced diamonds with ideal 4 Cs specifications are a great long-term investment asset and can be bought with minimum effort and at maximum profitability from Rare Carat. If you follow the tips above, you can easily invest in brilliant 4-Carat lab-grown diamonds in any shape available at the price (or lower) of 3-carat diamonds in the exact 4 Cs specifications. Buying an engagement ring is unique; make it more memorable with Rare Carat.

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